You get one chance to transmit your message.

Be sure it's professionally crafted.


Clear, persuasive communication is the solution to many problems encountered in business and government. Professional communications advice is an indispensable asset for your organisation.

Menin Media offers strategic communications, media and government relations advice based on decades of experience in media, government and business. We provide guidance and hands-on management of issues to executives and organisations.

We can identify and prepare for difficult issues before they become critical and advise on crises as they unfold. We offer your organisation the benefit of many years providing high-level strategic, policy, political and media advice.


Ross Neilson worked in senior government positions from 1995 until 2009 including as Senior Media Adviser and Chief of Staff to a range of Ministers and two State/Territory leaders.

He was Chief of Staff to Northern Territory Chief Minister Clare Martin and NSW Premier Nathan Rees. He was Director of Public Affairs for NSW Police from 2002 to 2004 and has held senior positions in private sector public affairs consultancy and research firms.

He maintains an extensive contact network across Australian media, political and business circles.  He offers expert advice on engaging with news media, managing controversy and effectively conveying good news about your organisation to a wide audience.

Ross Neilson

Ross Neilson




We can identify your positive stories and help you gain strong media coverage. We can advise how to protect your reputation and brand in the event of controversy or criticism. By following daily news through all its cycles we can seize opportunities to insert your organisation's voice into breaking stories, whether to enhance your stature or protect your brand.


When an unforeseen event or issue involving your organisation hits the media, immediate professional management is critical. Without it the results can be swift and damaging - enduring harm to your reputation and public trust in your brand.


Menin Media specialises in helping clients to formulate their messages and then deliver them with maximum effect. Whether you are seeking to communicate via corporate reporting, mainstream press, policy documents, digital media or major set-piece speeches to public or industry audiences, there is no substitute for professional writing and experienced pitching and placement.


Menin Media brings many years of experience at senior levels of government to advise and guide your interactions with governments, regulatory bodies and statutory authorities. We know the personalities and the politics, the policy and the pitfalls.


Professional writing is the heart of effective communications. Whether delivering a keynote speech to an industry audience, advocating for your industry in the opinion pages of newspapers or conveying critical information to stakeholders, you cannot afford language that makes eyes glaze and attention wander. We offer writing services built on decades of experience creating engaging and persuasive prose for political leaders, senior corporate executives, professional sports code managers and non-government sector leaders.


An assured, professional appearance in front of the cameras can neutralise a potentially damaging issue. A poor, nervous or ill-prepared performance can inflame the suspicions of the media and the public and compound the harm to your organisation's reputation. We can develop and hone the skills clients need for a competent and confident performance in the face of media scrutiny.


Research is a critical tool in navigating the hazardous seas of public opinion and political influence. Director Ross Neilson formerly ran a social and market research company. He has high level knowledge and skills in the design, execution and analysis of polling and research as well has acute instincts for poorly structured, badly interpreted or wilfully misrepresented research - all serious pitfalls for your organisation.


We regularly collaborate with a select group of specialist consultancy firms on large or complex projects. This allows us to assemble a team of first rate professionals that is tailored to your organisation's specific needs. We work closely with and highly recommend:


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